WASO / All Things Beautiful Come From Nature

Shiseido use Japanese ‘Washoku’ philosophy which looks to harness the power of natural botanical ingredients so we wanted to mirror this by combining nature and technology to create art. We directed this film with Espadaysantacruz. With the help of expert botanists, we created a living, breathing garden installation. The plant growth footage took months to research and film with the final installation a perfect marriage of real in-camera robotics, botany and CG all culminating in a sculpture that is a visual metaphor for the Shiseido WASO products.

This is our director's cut of the film. You can find the client version here.

Also Tulio Ferreira did this behind the scenes of the film so you can see how we did all this.


Directed by Dvein in collaboration with Espadaysantacruz

Cinematography: Juan Santacruz
Editor: María Antón Cabot
Postproduction: Analog & Dvein
Live action art Director: David Diez
Production Director: Alberto López Garrido

Client: Shiseido

Agency: W+K Tokio

Creative Director: Azsa West
Art Director: Sara Phillips
Agency Producer: Kana Wakabayashi

Production company: Blinkink
Executive Producer: Bart Yates & Ryan Goodwin-Smith
Producer: Benjamin Lole