Alagoas 'Ghosts' / Music Video


A music video for Alagoas.

When we first heard Alagoas song Ghosts we were intensely intrigued by one of the lines of the lyric:

We’ll be the West when it was one.

We asked Wilson deom Alagoas about it and he explained us that they wrote Ghosts during a road trip through the north of Spain. They were in Los Monegros, a desert that recalled them to the first settlers in the West of the U.S.and that is actually known for being the location of some of the Spaghetti Westerns from the 70s. He then gave us a master class in American history, introducing us to an stunning concept, the manifest destiny. An irresistible destiny that the American settlers had to conquer the West of the continent to expand their virtues. It was a moral mission.

We were amazed but that idea, and all that had to do with it and started researching on it discovering all the controversy around it and how the idea is, somehow, still in discussion. We found the 1872 painting American Progress by John Gast were Columbia, a giant woman, lead the settlers into the dark West taking their new technology and fascinating new thoughts.

So that triggered the idea in which is based the music video, a colorful psychedelic alien that arrives to an ancient settlement and fascinate them with his delightful movements and extravagant colors, mixed in a combination of ingredients that creates the Ghosts world and fantasy, a fun and playful approach to a concept as ambiguous as the manifest destiny.

We want to thank a lot to all the incredible team that has made this project possible.



Directed by Dvein

Produced by Dvein
in association with BlinkInk and Stink Paris

Production: Marga Sardà Badia
Cinematography: Miquel Prohens
Art Direction: Anna Colomer
Costume Designer: Renée Jablonski
Hair & Make-up: Núria Céspedes 
Edition: Maria Antón
Postproduction: Trizz Studio and Lanczos
Casting: Belén Palos 

And many, many more that we are thankful for helping in this project.

Keops Guerrero, Syrah Heinze, Claudio Rojas, Sofía Flores, Luzmila Castillo, Adrià Chávez, Laura Chávez, Juan Carlos Chávez, Leila Nicol, Paulina Jiménez, Fabiola Jiménez, Ricardo Flores, Samuel Flores, Oscar A. Miranda, Alejandro Díaz, Rafael Escobar, Jorge Carbajal, Rómulo Lifoncio, Jordan Lifoncio, Paulina Martínez, Yanina Paola Ychpas, Emerson Blanco, Roberto Yandura, Nelson Luís Martínez

Song from the album 'Alagoas' presented by Better Problems

Still Photo Bernard Arce and Brazo de Hierro

Illustration Luca Zamoc