Sculpture / Director's Cut


Overall the sculpture embodies the duality found in everybody. The sculpture presents what the future expects from us and what we have left behind, all in a visual metaphor made of this elements.

We have two faces, one facing the past and the other one facing the intriguing future, an artificial construction of what is expected.The tentacles represent the organic order of the past, developing in unexpected ways, and the future is represented by the bust, geometric, perfectly handmade, but menacing and attracting. All charged by a motor, life, propelling us forward.


Client: Rdio
Agency: Westen
Production Co.: Blacklist

Direction: Dvein

Live Action Crew
Art Direction: Ana Múñiz
DOP: Paloma Rincón
Camera Operator: Giuseppe Truppi 
Gaffers: Daniel Gallar, Carlos Sacha García
Model: Amanda Moreno (Uno Bcn)
Make-up & Hair: Javier Vergara

Editing: María Antón

Postproduction: Dvein

Music: "My song 5" by HAIM