The Vein 'Magma' / Music Video


'Magma' is the very first Dvein's music video for The Vein's new single.


Direction & Art Direction: Dvein

Client: Adobe

Post-production & VFX: Dvein

ZBrush Artist: Luis Gómez Guzmán

Live Action Crew
D.O.P.: Alejandro Oset
Production assistant: Anna Carretero
Camera operator: Toni Rodríguez
Grip: David Felices
Make-up Artist: Salònica Rodríguez
Actors: Ramón Pin, Antonio Izquierdo (DeMil Models)

Sound mixing & mastering: Gerardo Vicente Martínez
Microphone recording: Alex Félez (Heptagon)

Making-of Film
D.O.P & Editing: Marc Ambrós
Music: Iván Llopis at Banjo Music

Special thanks to Pamplona89, Anders Hattne, Agosto & Sergi Roda.