Terminix / TVCs Campaigns


Terminix is the USA largest pest-control provider which assists homeowners in proactively protecting themselves from the financial and health issues associated with pest problems. The main creative challenge of this project was to develop the creatures, generating these monsters: we were searching for something unexpected and at the same time it had to have the insects features, but magnified.


Direction & Art Direction: Dvein 
Character design & development: Dvein 

Client: Terminix
Agency: Publicis Dallas 

Production Co.: Blacklist 
Executive Producer: Adina Sales 
Producer: Michael Neithardt



Post-Production Co.: Furia Digital
CG Supervisor & FX Artist: Alex Grau
3D modelling: Ty Chen
Character Setup: Oyvind Nostdal
Animation: Hugo García
Textures Lighting: Alberto Corpas
Flame Artist: Oriol Puig



Producer: Esther de Udaeta 

Post-production & VFX: Vando 
Producer: Ignasi Céspedes 
Character modeling: Álvaro Gasco, Dvein 
Modeling Artists: Omar Sarmiento del Barrio, Javier Jaen, Marc Calvelo, Jonatan Catalan
Set modeling & texturing Artists: Javier León, Jaime Fernandez Muro, Kepa Casado, Jonatan Catalan, Marc Calvelo, Álvaro Gasco, Dvein 
Character TD: David Corral
Character Animator: Hugo García 
Lighting & Rendering Artists: Javier León, Kepa Casado, Dvein 
Special Effects: Kepa Casado, Lluís Roig Comas, Roberto García 
FX Artist: Marco Rossi 
Compositing Lead: Roberto García 
Compositing: Rodrigo Fiallega, Dvein

Music & Sound Design: Hecq 
Sound Mix: Infinia, Marc Gonell and Hecq

Special thanks to Furia Digital



Producer: Marga Sardà

Post Production & VFX: Vando Studio
Producer: Teresa Masdéu
Technical Direction: David Vercher
Modeling: Javier León, Omar Sarmiento, David Vercher, Isabel García
Character Artist: Álvaro Gascó
Texturing: Javier León, David Vercher, Omar Sarmiento
Character TD: Víctor Vinyals
Character Animator: Hugo Garcia, Llorenç Borrás, Barbara Torres
Lighting: Javier León, David Vercher
FX TD: Marco Rossi
Compositing: Roberto Garcia, Rodrigo Fiallega

Music & Sound Design: Hecq