Istanbul / The Trip
May 23, 2013

We made a trip to Istanbul to participate in Grid Festival together with great people as Serial Cut, Evan from Nexus, Illia from R/GA or Si Scott.

We did a presentation over there and we had also sometime to walk the city, a huge city. We wish we could stay there for one more week. During our walks we setup an instagram competition between each other. The one that gets more likes, wins. Then we decided to post all of them to our Instagram account (Follow us!). 

These are some of the results, and I will reveal my favourite picture at the end of this post.


This last picture is my favourite and I didn't take it. Is curious that it has nothing to do with Istanbul, but don't you love it? We can call it "Dreams of woman and man". It looks like the ad needs those guys in the picture to work.

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