STEAL / A workshop at Elisava
April 29, 2013

We love giving workshops, and that is what we did at Elisava School in Barcelona last december. We had the opportunity to share with the students one week working on a film specially done for the presentation event at the end of that week.

What I proposed to the student is to work over the word STEAL. I wanted them to feel that making a film, nowadays, is more a matter of creativity rather than having a lot of equipment or special technical skills. We broke up STEAL into letters and divide the students into groups. Each of them should make one of the letters. The idea was to "create" the letter with different techniques that I exposed to them during the first class. Stop motion, melting, CGI, cell animation or even Machinima. We even invited Physalia to talk about their special stop motion technique for their Resonance film. The idea is to use the resources they had around, cellphones, video cameras, nothing too fancy, just their usual tools. 

For this film, Fernando, my Dvein partner, created a piece of music for the soundtrack, so they had to work over an stablished time (15 seconds each) and try to make an edit with the part of music that each of them have.

These are the groups:

S: Lucas Carrascosa, Joans Divins, Mar-Anna Debel, Enric Lacal y Rocio Sebio.

T: Carla Molins, Marta Sanchez, Mireia Morata, Albert Pozo y Anna Hernández.

E: Andrea Buonaventura, Sandra Galán y Manel Quiles.

A: Roger Sabaté, Armand Monllor, Jordi Montaner y Alex Clemente.

L: Martí Cot, Ivette Parejo, Clara Martínez, Marta Martí y Gerard Gaspar.

It was a really nice surprise how all of them acomplished their part of the film, with really interesting results for just three days of work.

Here you can see some making of pictures:


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