Do the '8' / Simple Tipo Gráfica Exhibit
April 05, 2013

Some months ago, Simpl3, an audiovisual collective based in Caracas, invited us to take part of an exhibition about typography, Simple Tipo Gráfica. Their purpose was to enrole 38 artists, both renowned names of the graphic design world but also newcomers and assign each one them one character that they could re-design with total freedom.

We don't normally receive proposals that gives us the opportunity to work with typography and graphic design, so we thought: why not?

We landed number 8 and this is what we came up with:




It was kind of a long way until we decided for that one:


We don't really have a section in our web for print/typo/graphic design whatsoever, but we wanted to share this with you all, anyway. 

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