Manscape With Beasts / by Barbara Norfleet
February 25, 2013


I consider this book that Teo took me a couple of months ago as the inspiration that never was. Back in the begining of 2012 we worked in the opening titles of a film called Animals. The basic idea on the titles was the intersection between animal and human life, the dangers in between. The photographs by Barbara Norfleet seem like taken from my mind while we were preparing the opening titles but in fact I saw those pictures months later when Teo came from NY with this book in his hands.

These are some of those pictures.

Rats and dolls.

Birds in private property.

Horses at home.

Horses in the car.

Birds and nets.

Rats and magazines.

Frogs and.... Prince Charles & Lady Di gambling.

We will soon publish the opening titles we did for Animals. For the moment, if you want to see it you can do it through the VOD platform and DVD (not sure about distribution out of Spain).

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